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About Sparkle

Two friends on a mission for you to sparkle & love the skin you're in!

Shirley is from a small town in Suffolk, Virginia & has been married to her husband, Rick, since 1982. She is passionate about cooking, canning, gardening & of course- creating her own soap & bath products!


20 years ago, Shirley came down with Epilepsy & her life was forever changed. Everything she did was based around a clean, healthy & natural lifestyle. Shirley didn't want anything on her body that could harm her, which led her to think about others that could benefit from her homemade soap products. 

Shirley's goal remains to create safe & healthy natural products for all to enjoy.

"Ten years ago, my personal trainer (Regina Ierardi) got to talking about making soap as a way to help others. We discussed chemical-free materials that are safe for the skin & the various natural products we could create. We came up with the name Sparkle & we only looked forward from there."  -Shirley 

Regina is a local Personal Trainer & Group X Instructor, living in Stafford, Virginia. She is married to Paul (a former United States Marine) & they have two sons & one granddaughter, Bellamy. 

Several years ago, Regina stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, where she discovered homemade honey-vanilla oatmeal soap & fell in love. Her "tubby time" is very important to her & the all-natural (no harsh additive soap) made it even more special!

"My passion of overall health & wellness made my decision to create my own soap easy! I love making something that I know is safe for my skin. It's such a great feeling to see someone enjoy our soaps & know that it's their healthy alternative that we are providing." -Regina